Reid Elizabeth: tales from life with a girl on the go

Reid Elizabeth entered our lives at 1:23 in the afternoon on July 25, 2006. We have spent the last two-plus years learning from each other and about each other. I have written some of this story in captions on photos and other stories in her scrapbook but many stories have been told on the phone and lost. I have a terrible memory and don't want to lose the joy (and even the trials) of having this little person in my life.

As for me, I was 33 when Reid was born and Ken was 37. I think that 33 is a pretty good age to have your first baby but Ken thinks 37 was too old. I'm glad we were able to have her at all. I think he agrees.

We have two cats now who also share our lives. Clio, the eldest, is a calico who is amazingly tolerant of Reid - especially when I think of how she was not tolerant of the “boy kitties” when they first came home. Leo is a bit grumpy but a Mama’s boy. Our second “boy kitty” Mars, despite being named for the God of War was a fraidy-cat, died recently and we miss him greatly.